Company Profile

Quantum Pharma is a service-led, niche pharmaceutical developer, manufacturer and supplier to the retail pharmacy, pharmaceutical wholesale, hospital, homecare and care home markets. Quantum Pharma operates through three divisions - Specials, Niche Pharmaceuticals and Medication Adherence - offering a portfolio of innovative and complementary products and services.


Comprising three business units which manufacture, procure and supply unlicensed medicines (specials) and special obtains.

  • Quantum Pharmaceutical
  • ULM
  • Quantum Aseptics

    Niche Pharmaceuticals:

    Comprising three business units which develop and commercialise niche pharmaceutical products.

  • Colonis
  • Lamda
  • PERN Consumer Products

    Medication Adherence:

    Comprising two business units which provide products and services designed to enhance the likelihood of a patient adhering to medication regime, patient-focused specialist services and services to pharmaceutical companies.

  • Biodose
  • Biodose Services


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Biodose Intelligent Medication Management
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